Ten Tips to Make Your Home Decor Last a Lifetime (Apart from Plastic Couch Covers)

Our home has taken a beating as we spend more time at home this summer. You’re not the only one who has noticed things starting to look worn. You don’t have the luxury of watching your house go to seed. We spoke to seven interior designers to get more than the standard cleaning and polishing. These are ten tips to make your home decor last forever.

Get the highest quality upholstery that you can afford.

People often believe that polyester will outlast natural fibers. However, these can be ‘ugly out’ faster,” says Young Huh, a New York-based interior designer. Huh is also a mother and suggests mohair velvet and heavy-weight linen. Both can withstand a lot and still look amazing.

Use outdoor fabrics inside.

Every expert we spoke with shared this tip! Indoor/outdoor fabrics work best in high-traffic areas. Huh states that outdoor fabrics have improved quality and feel like regular upholstery. There are many beautiful options.

Suzanne and Lauren McGrath are mother and daughter and have been decorating McGrath 2 since 2005. They love ticking stripe indoor/outdoor fabrics and sofas. They say that it looks great and lasts a long time.

Choose wisely when choosing a rug.

Two options for durable rugs are offered by the McGraths: Indoor/outdoor carpeting is recommended for rooms susceptible to spills and messes, like family play areas and kitchens. They recommend 100% wool carpeting for finer rooms like bedrooms.

Annie Selke, founder and CEO of the rug company Dash & Albert, agrees. She says staining can happen, so look for wool constructions in patterns that hide dirt. “Wool Kilims are a great choice because they can be reversible. However, micro-hook wool is a durable and long-lasting construction. Pure wool may have a higher price tag but lasts longer and is less likely to be stained than mixed materials or polyester blends.

Make sure they last!

Selke warns that you should always take advantage of the rug pad. A pad can help your rug last years, especially in high-traffic areas. It is essential to clean your carpet regularly. Selke suggests that you purchase a high-quality vacuum. Selke says frequent vacuuming can remove dirt and refresh fibers damaged by foot traffic.

On sunny days, close your curtains.

The McGraths warn that while everyone loves natural light, it is essential to keep rooms darkened when not in use. This will protect upholstered fabrics from fading. Suzanne notes that blinds are recommended for all rooms, even curtains.

Avoid buying disposable furniture.

Huh cautions against quick-fix, cheap furniture. She says, “You end up living in easily damaged furniture and have no time to replace them.” Young reminds parents not to invest in furniture that will last forever if their children grow up. Antiques can be trusted to last at least 100 years and are likely to survive the children’s mess. She also notes that long-lasting furniture is better for the environment than furniture that will be thrown away in a few years.

Choose washable covers in dark colors.

Katrina Blair is a decorator and a mother of two. She also owns a pet. She says, “When choosing pieces for my home, I ensure they are appropriate for my family and me.” She prefers covers that can be washed at home and steered clear of light-colored fabrics, which show dirt and stains more quickly and are harder to clean back to a like-new appearance.

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