On what kind of surfaces can I put my sticker?

Our stickers can be applied on any surface or material that is smooth, dry (without humidity) and clean. This includes: plaster, paint, wood, plastic, metal, glass... almost anything!
Chispum stickers can be placed on walls, but also on the tiles of the kitchen, in a wardrobe, in the bathroom, on your friend’s bike, on the computer, on your mobile, on a glass, on a switch, on the floor... on any surface to make spaces different and yours.
If you have just painted the surface on which you want to put a Chispum sticker, you should let it dry for at least one week.

What surfaces are NOT suitable for installing a sticker?

Chispum uses the highest quality vinyl, with a durability of ten years. If you want your Chispum sticker to live a long time with you, don’t expose it to continuous heat sources such as oven, hob, radiator, etc..
If you want to place your Chispum sticker over wallpaper, you can, but keep in mind that in this case it may damage the wallpaper when removing the sticker.

Can I put a sticker on a textured wall?

Chispum uses in the highest quality materials, so thin ( 0.001 mm) it fits the shape of the surface to which it adheres, including textured walls.
It isn’t a surface that we recommend though, because depending on the texture, the end result may vary. Anyway, you can always use the test vinyl that is included on all our orders. If you like how it looks, go ahead!
When the sticker is placed on the wall, just add another step to the process: with a cloth or something similar, press it against the wall to fit the texture of the surface. You can also apply a little heat with a hair dryer, as it softens the vinyl and makes it fit even better. But beware, don’t put it too close as it could damage the sticker!

How to clean a sticker?

A Chispum sticker must be placed on a dry surface, but of course you can wash it! Using common cleaning products: water, soap, glass cleaner or floor cleaner that you use regularly.

I’m moving. Does it ruin the surface if I remove the sticker?

You can remove a sticker that has been on the wall for three years without any inconvenience as recommended by the manufacturer, but we can not guarantee 100% as it depends on the state of the wall, painting, whether or not there is moisture, and other factors beyond the material.

Can I remove a sticker and use it again?

When placing a sticker, you’ll be able to make corrections before you rub the sticker against the wall and take off the transparent sheet. But once the sticker is placed, you can only adjust small parts. It won’t be possible to take it off and put it somewhere else.