How to Choose a Commercial Painting Service

When you’re looking in the market for professional painting to paint your building, you have to locate a professional with experience who you can count on. This article will provide most important things to consider in order to locate the top business painting and repainting business.

Choosing Commercial Painting Services

The most important thing you need to look for is an experienced painting business with years of experience with commercial projects. Industrial and commercial painting requires special skills that are not required for other painting tasks.

It requires years of expertise to master the art of commercial painting since it can be difficult to complete projects around tenants or customers, frequently under extreme and occasionally extreme conditions, and to do it efficiently and safely.

Honest Painters has more than 45 years of experience painting North shore most impressive and challenging commercial buildings.

Experienced, Trained, and Vetted Painting Crews

The most effective commercial painting services do not employ subcontractors or day laborers. Instead, they exclusively employ team members who are employees, and are professionally trained in the most effective practices.

It is important to require all painting crews who work on your commercial property to have completed OSHA security training and drug screenings and background screenings.

Reputation, Registration, and References

You can learn how a company is perceived through the reviews it has received by past customers. Check online for reviews and warning signs that may indicate a less-than-professional reputation. One good resource can be The Better Business Bureau. The most professional commercial painting services will be able to boast at least an Aplus rating.

It is also recommended to request references from clients that have done similar projects for commercial repainting and look over their portfolios of previous work.

You can browse Honest Painters’ extensive web-based portfolio to get a better idea of the kind of projects we’ve completed.

Be sure to confirm the registration and licensure by contacting your North shore Registrar of Contractors. It is not advisable to contract with an unlicensed contractor. Risks and liability are too high.

Paperwork, Insurance, and Warranty

Before you sign a contract on any contract, always make sure that everything is written. The contract should contain the list of materials that will be utilized. Some contractors leave certain items like specific coatings and paints, out of their contracts to replace lower-quality products. This can save some dollars, but could cost more in the end if you are required to undergo commercial repainting earlier than required.

It is also advisable to look over the insurance and warranty offered through commercial painting companies. You should request the insurance policy, and make sure it’s current with the insurance provider. The most reputable industrial and commercial painting firms carry the insurance policy of $6 million to protect you.

Another important aspect to consider is the warranty that a company provides. It is important to choose an organization that is able to guarantee their work. Check for any limitations and make sure you’re satisfied with the coverage level. In North shore commercial painting businesses must offer a one year warranty on exterior painting jobs. Honest Painters provides its trademark three-year guarantee for commercial painting on the exterior.

Demand Professionalism

If you require commercial painting services for your premises You should employ professionals who can complete the task correctly and offer the best professional standards.

The professionalism of the company should be apparent in their approach to their work from the moment of the initial meeting until the project is finished. For instance, you should anticipate a live demonstration the project in detail, discussion of particular challenges or circumstances and a tailored proposal for your company. Avoid businesses that provide you with a quote after viewing your property using Google Earth or do not spend the time to address all your questions in a timely manner.

Make Sure Prices and Timelines Are Realistic

Some contractors will provide you with an unbeatable price to win the job, only to then bombard with a change order or deliver subpar work. Some will offer unrealistic deadlines. In either event it is possible to work with painting teams that use shortcuts or make a few slacks.

Commercial painting requires a meticulous pre-planning, painting and finishing for a durable painting job that is protected from weather conditions.

The Best Commercial Painting Services in North shore

Honest Painters is an owned by a family that offers honesty, reliability and trustworthy services. The majority of its painting crews have been employed by the business for 5 to 10-years (or more) and have extensive expertise in the field of commercial painting.


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