Create a mosaic picture with Pixel XL

Create your own mini mosaic pictures. It is easy with the Pixelhobby Pixel XL sets.

The Pixel XL range is especially designed for children aged 4 and up. No glue or teaser needed. There is no need to spray the pixel squares with water to or iron them to stick.

Pixel XL comes in a range of pre-packed packages, including the patterns, the base and the necessary pixel colours. It is easy to follow and great to put those fine motor skills into action.

The pixel colours can be easily removed from the pixel squares.The tiny pixel pieces are big enough to be handled by little finger and they stay firmly on the base plate once placed on the little pegs. Just follow the design sheet where to put each pixel.

Make them into a wall art and display them in your room. It can develop into a fantastic hobby for young and old.

The smaller sets are great party gifts or Christmas stocking fillers. The bigger packs, such as the Gift Set or the Pixel XL set  is great as an individual gift or just for your children.

The best part is that the pixel pieces are made of 100% biological plastic, which is derivered from sugar cane, which is renewable raw material. No petroleum needed to produce the plastic pieces. How good is that?

They are also affordably priced if your child gets addicted.

Check out the whole range here.

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