6 Tips For Hiring A Painting Contractor

Paint is the fastest way to increase the value and improve the look of your house. Fresh paint can brighten up a room, and make the exterior appear newer. Painting is a popular DIY project, but it can be a lot of work. You may want to hire a professional if you don’t have the time or skills to paint. Professional painters are equipped to complete a job on time, within budget and correctly.

What is the Job of a Painting Contractor?

Paint contractors do much more than just paint your walls. Hiring a professional can help you get the job done quickly and they will also prepare and clean afterward. When hiring a contractor, you should expect to perform the following tasks:
Move furniture to gain access to areas that need to be painted. Small objects are usually moved by the homeowner.
All areas not to be painted must be covered.
Surface preparation can include filling holes, equating the surface, removing future covers, sanding lightly and scraping off loose paint.
Prime the surface (not included in base price).
Paint the walls and ceiling with two coats.
Paint the trim and molding.
Touch ups for missed spots.
Cleaning and removal of tarps/dropclothes
Final inspection with the foreman and homeowner

1. Start with a plan
A detailed plan will help you save both time and money. When making your plan, you should consider:

Does it involve an interior or external job?
Painting contractors may have separate crews for interior and exterior work. Exterior painting depends on the weather in general. You will need to be flexible if the day that you were scheduled to paint is rained out.

When do you need the painting to be completed?
Depending on your location, you may only have the option to paint your exterior during the spring or summer. In addition, bad weather can delay your painting job.

How many rooms would you like to have painted?
If you paint more than one space, the price will be lower. You may end up paying more for a small project if you send out a team to paint one room.

What will be the impact on your home/work schedule?
The majority of reputable contractors will require that the homeowner or an adult be present when the contractor is on site.

2. Paint Contractors Research
It’s now time to research contractors. Painting contractors should at least have a current license and insurance. Start by reading online reviews and researching the companies. The best contractor should have a lot of experience in painting projects, and a list of satisfied clients.

3. Referrals
Local companies are the majority of painting contractors. Some painting contractors only offer painting services, while others may also provide additional services like plaster repairs, trim molding, and wallpapering. Referrals from friends and family are a great way to find interior painters in Auckland. Ask around or check local community boards to see if any of your family, friends or neighbors have used a painting contractor.
Recently, painting contractors have been able to hire new painters.

4. Interviewing Painting Contractors
It’s better to conduct the initial interview over the phone, in addition to conducting online research and referring to others.
Here are some questions you can ask:

Can you provide a few examples of similar projects that you have completed recently?
Who will be involved in the project? Are they subcontractors or employees?
Are you insured and licensed? Please provide the contractor license number as well as your certificate of insurance.
What is the brand and type paint you use?
Does the estimate include the cost of paint?
How many coats are included in the price?
Would you rather the residents stay away from the house during the work?
What is your expectation of payment?

5. Check out your top prospects
After you have narrowed your choices down, you can contact references to conduct a quick interview. You can use this process to create a shortlist of companies you want to contact for an estimate. You can ask your references the following questions:

The project was completed on time.
Did you like their work?
Did your project run over budget?
Was the contractor’s conduct and that of any subcontractors professional?
Would you consider hiring them again?

6. Get Estimates in Writing
For estimates, contact at least three painters. A representative will visit your home. The representative will come to your home and you can discuss the rooms that need painting or any outdoor areas. You will receive a written estimate from the company. The estimate should include the following:

Contact information: Name of the company, its address, phone number, and website.
Total cost, including all taxes
The scope of the project should include the areas that need to be painted as well as the details of the preparation work and application process.
Paint specification: what paints and other materials are to be used?
Start and completion dates

Payment Terms: Payment terms must be easy to understand.
While the total cost of the project is important, it should not be the only factor in choosing a painter. Consider the experience of the company, its track record in completing projects on time and within budget and testimonials provided by their past clients.

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